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" As organizations develop manufacture and sale of alcohol products for the supply of all global industries and remind good environmental. "
1. Stability in action and find competitive business.
2. Development to supply the every industry.
3. Promotion and sale of alcohol products due to the financial organizations.
4. Was good corporate social responsibility . Follow the rules and do not affect the environment.
Organization 's current alcohol . The area of operation of approximately 139 acres located at 67 Moo 4, Tambon Paknam , Amphoe Bang Province. Another point is that the limitations of the existing space . Not sufficient to support the management of water slop out of the system to produce a liquor thus bearing the cost of the land to accommodate the problem. And manage the transfer of risk. Water management system , which is the waste slop out of the system. The agreement allowed the Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Vanichakarn slop . To resolve sustainability. And the Company . Concession for the treatment of wastewater from the production of alcoholic liquor for the period is 30 years later, in 2552 , the company has a joint venture with S. Eaem.wi. . Limited by the construction process . organization Joint venture companies for the VMV Limited has registered capital of 100 million baht to invest in the system. Wastewater treatment systems, biogas