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Alcohol Excise Department under the Ministry of Finance, the organization in the year 2485 with the transfer of spirits from the Ministry of Finance, depending on the industry later in the year 2499 the Ministry has ordered a total of liquor with. alcohol factories together and in 2502 was transferred to the distillery Ayutthaya responsibility of the Excise Department.
Industrial Presented to the BOE conducted by the Cabinet . The approach has improved sales and new spirits . By switching to private Involvement in the production and distribution of the 9 remaining factory custom action only 4 mill and transfer the liquor Lopburi , continue with the next one , but because the plant capacity, the Ayutthaya liquor plant height. Combined with high production costs than other factories in Ayutthaya liquor . And to expand liquor sales to Ayutthaya. So were exempted from the production of other factories and to get to Ayutthaya liquor dealers.

Organization liquor has the following objectives .

One . Established manufacturing facilities and products of the alcohol byproduct from the production of alcohol. Or products which the device in liquor production . Revenue to the state to

Two . Operations related to production under 1.

To carry out these objectives. Organization 's Alcohol Whose duties include

- Trade on the products of the factory.

- Set and get a branch Trade agent in connection with various business objectives.

- Operating and other services related to the production of alcohol . By the Ministry of Finance to the Excise liquor factory organization is making and selling liquor, triple slash ( alcohol) as well as wholesale pricing and retail prices. Without the approval of the Chairman of the Executive Board , Liquor Distillery Organization . And not to otherwise made ​​alcoholic liquor distilled in three overlapping (alcohol ) is sold locally .

          Liquor Distillery Organization , Excise Department was established on 25 September 2506 in the preservation of the Chom Phon Kittikajon to implement the policies . The Commerce punches and industrial alcohol. The original has 6 branches Phra Nakhon Ratchasima , Saraburi , Lop Buri and Bangkok . Later in the year , which is headquartered liquor Ayutthaya in 2539 to stop the operation . Due to the location of the area Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was declared a World Heritage Site. We need to move the plant into operation in Chachoengsao Year 2544 Organization of alcohol has been the policy of the Executive Board , Liquor Distillery Organization a headquarters move together in Chachoengsao.

           Current Organization 's Alcohol Located at 67 Moo 4, Tambon Pak Nam District Chachoengsao Province 24110 , with an area of approximately 139 acres, is another issue that is a limitation of space in order to do that there is not sufficient support in water management slop out . from the production of liquor are therefore bear the costs of leasing the land to accommodate the problem. And managed by transferring the risk management system, distillery waste , which is waste from the production process. Such agreements allow the Company Recruit Ltd. operates water treatment Slop . To fix Sustainable And the company Concession in wastewater from the production of alcoholic liquor, the organization for a period of 30 years to perform in wastewater treatment systems, biogas.





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นายชิตร โปษยานนท์
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นายชะนะ สูตะบุตร
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นางสาวสมานจิตต์ นายเรือ
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นายณฐพล ทวีงาม
ดำรงตำแหน่ง ปี พ.ศ. 2548 ถึงปี พ.ศ. 2550

นายอิทธิเทพ วิเศษสมิต
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