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Executive Committee of the Organization of alcohol . The organization and management of alcohol . Aware of the importance in Management. Is to ensure that the operation is under the principles of good governance . For the advancement of Business for continued growth and stability. Including risk management . Internal control system . Monitoring system within And support a communication system to link the organization to develop human resources for employees with potential suitable duties as assigned . Have confidence in the organization to be able to work in an organization in the long run. To provide enterprise reliability . And accepted by society and also activates mechanisms to control and monitor . Everyone together to share ideas and develop solutions to manage the organization better. Including the policy that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by providing assistance to schools and communities in the area with various charitable organizations evenly . Management organization promoting good governance .
Management organization promoting good governance .
Best practices of management and employees.
Milwaukee 's high spirits are the guidelines for good practice. The preparation of a manual for this one . So that administrators and Employees were aware of the relevant laws and regulations . Including preparation guide according to ethical standards . Ethics for the internal management . Link management is based on the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand , BE 2550 , which the Organization of alcohol . Has adopted core values (Core Value) ethical standards for tenure . Political and government officials . Comply strictly And enhancing efficiency . Performance of the employee 's alcohol . By holding firmly adhering to moral and ethical good . And comply with . Continued until a successor corporate culture.
The 9 core values, ethical standards are as follows .
1. Adherence to moral and ethical .
2. Having a good conscience , honesty and responsibility.
3. The disciplinary interests of the nation above their own . And no conflicts.
4. Tenacity to do what is right , fair and legitimate.
5. Services to individuals with a fast Courteous and non-discrimination.
6. Providing accurate information to the public in its entirety and without any distortion.
7. Maintain a focus on the achievement of quality transparency. And accountability.
8. Adherence to democracy and the King is the Head of State.
9. Adherence to professional ethics of the organization.
Code of ethics within
Corporate culture..